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Have you ever thought about how much you depend on the roof over your head? Your roof literally shelters you from storms and keeps you warm, safe, and dry. How can you depend on something to protect your home if you never pay it any mind? To keep your roof in top shape, here are some helpful residential roofing maintenance tips.

  1. Keep it clean: When leaves and debris get into your gutters or build up on your roof, it can cause water to back up in your attic or other issues. Try to remove debris after a storm and keep gutters clean with regular cleaning or gutter guards. Also, watch for and remove plant growth such as moss.
  2. Give it space: When trees are hanging over your roof, they become vulnerable to falling branches or the entire tree falling over. They can also scratch or gouge roofing materials. Keep trees trimmed and watch to make sure they aren’t leaning too close to your roof.
  3. Always check for damage after a storm: In the Southeast, we experience many heavy storms. After a big storm, it’s a good idea to check for signs of damage, such as missing shingles, interior water leaks, missing flashing, and pools of water.
  4. Avoid DIY repairs: Not only can roof work be troublesome, but it can also be hazardous. It’s a good idea to leave your repairs to a residential roofing company with proper training and insurance to make sure everything is done accurately and as safely as possible.

Here at Atlanta Premier Roofing , we are happy to help you with all of your residential roofing needs. Call us if you need a roof inspection before purchasing a home to make sure the roof has been well maintained or if you need roofing repairs to fix damage from a storm or other problems. We look forward to helping you.

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