Let Us Protect Your Commercial Space with Roof Coating

    Owning or renting a commercial facility can be a big responsibility and a damaged roof can create many problems when not maintained properly. Often, it is difficult to tell when the roof is in need of repairs unless a major storm has caused damage recently. If your roof is starting to show its age or you are concerned about its condition, it may be time to have a commercial roofing company do an inspection. At Atlanta Premier Roofing , we work with all kinds of roofing materials and types, ensuring that we are able to make repairs on almost any type of roof. We also offer commercial roof coatings, which are fairly new to the market.

    Commercial Roof Coatings, North Atlanta, GA

    The purpose of commercial roof coatings is to improve the performance of your roof and lengthen its lifespan. The main competitors in the commercial roof coatings market are silicone and acrylic and they are designed to be sprayed or rolled directly onto your existing roof surface. This new coating protects your building from leaks and also has reflective properties that send UV rays back into the atmosphere, keeping your roof surface and interior cooler. Cooler temperatures equal less expense in cooling costs. Before commercial roof coatings can be applied, your roof must be prepared by having any repairs that are needed to be done. Once the coating is applied, there is very little maintenance that will need to be done and when the initial coating has reached the end of its lifespan, a new layer is easily applied.

    If you think your commercial building could benefit from the installation of commercial roof coatings in the North Atlanta area, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you just how well this product performs. Our company has over 25 years of experience and we know that we can complete any roofing project to your satisfaction. Please give us a call today!
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