Flat roofing is common on commercial buildings like factories, warehouses, shops, and restaurants. One thing to know about flat roofing is that it does require more regular maintenance and inspections than most residential roofing options. Commercial roof systems usually last between 10 and 20 years, and yours is more likely to make it to 20 years if you maintain it regularly and deal with any issues that arise promptly with professional roofing repair.

Here are some of the things to consider as you maintain and inspect your flat roofing:

Keep debris to a minimum: Trim trees back from your building. This will reduce the potential for debris buildup. Periodically inspect for debris and remove it promptly. You may need to do an additional inspection after a severe weather event.
Check your drainage system: Because these roofs are flat or have a very low slope, proper drainage is key to removing water and preventing ponding. Check and clear clogs in your drains, vents, scuppers, and gutters on a regular basis.
Regularly evaluate your roofing components: This includes all the seams and membranes of your roof. These components are susceptible to UV damage over time, and problems are most likely around features like skylights, air vents, HVAC units and other openings in your roof. Splits, cracks, and blistering can also occur.

Flat roofing can do a great job of protecting your commercial property, but it needs regular maintenance and repairs to stay in its best working order. Never postpone regular inspections and prompt repairs when needed.

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