There are Several Factors that Influence Replacement Roof Cost.

    At Atlanta Premier Roofing , we understand that it can feel overwhelming to go through the process of getting a quote for something like roof replacement and wonder how the price you are being given was developed. You might have had a friend or associate tell you they got a lower price and wonder why your quote is higher, or the opposite might be true. Here are some of the reasons why that might have occurred:

    • Your roof material choice is different. There are many price points when it comes to roofing, even within the same material classification. Different materials can also involve different labor costs to install.
    • You have a larger or smaller home. How much material is needed directly affects replacement roof cost.
    • You have a different roof pitch and layout. The complexity of a roof affects the labor costs and also the amount of roofing material that is needed.
    • You have different accessibility. We need to be able to get close to your home with a waste receptacle to put in the roofing materials we are removing. If we can’t do that, we will incur additional labor expenses to deal with the materials.
    • You desire a different manufacturer warranty. Some material manufacturers offer extended warranties at a modest fee, which is added to your replacement roof cost.
    • You have different requests for upgrades. There is a multitude of ways your replacement roof project can be upgraded, such as having gutter replacement done at the same time.

    If you would like to learn more about replacement roof cost considerations or get a quote for the replacement of your North Atlanta building’s roof, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer replacement roofs or both residential and commercial properties.