We understand that your commercial building is extremely important to you and that it is the shell for your business. It is what keeps you operating as a business. It is vital to your company to keep your commercial building in good repair and functioning properly. One aspect of a commercial building that sometimes gets overlooked is the roof. The best thing you can do to keep your roof functioning correctly is be able to recognize when repairs are needed. Commercial roof repair is a lot easier than a roof replacement. The key signs of needing a commercial roof repair are:

Pools of Water – Standing pools of water on your roof can lead to water seeping into your building and causing further, more serious issues. Another issue with standing water is the added weight on your roof. Over time, this added weight can cause issues with your roof. Water puddling up can lead to rust and/or rotting. If you see water pooling on your roof it is time to address this issue with professional commercial roof repair.

Bubbling – Over time, the combination of heat and water can cause your roof to bubble and blister. If these blisters go without repair, they will start to allow water to enter your roof and can lead to even more serious and costly commercial roof repair.

Flashing Damage – Damaged flashing on your roof will lead to larger issues because it will likely allow water to enter your roof where you do not want water going. Damaged flashing is a good indication of needing roof repairs.

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