The Key to Getting the Best Performance from TPO Roofing is Using a Quality Material in a Reasonable Thickness and Having it Installed by an Experienced Professional

    TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO roofing is a single-ply roofing membrane that is commonly used for commercial low-slope roofs, sometimes referred to as flat roofs, although they are never perfectly flat. At Atlanta Premier Roofing , we have experience with TPO roofing, which, despite its name, is not plastic, but instead a combination of various rubber materials.

    TPO Roofing, Atlanta, GA

    We are happy to take the time to discuss whether TPO roofing would be the right option for your Atlanta, Georgia commercial building. There are some important advantages of this roofing material, including being reflective, which reduces heat buildup inside your building. The energy savings you can experience with TPO roofing, plus its affordable price, make it a common option for commercial roofs.

    There are a few other benefits of TPO roofing to consider, as well, such as the ease of maintenance because it doesn’t need pressure washing like some other roofing materials because it doesn’t experience algae or mildew growth. Since TPO roofing doesn’t react with other materials, it can also be installed against chimneys and other protrusions. Learn more about how TPO roofing differs from shingle roofing.

    The key to getting the best performance from TPO roofing is using quality material in a reasonable thickness and having it installed by an experienced professional. You can rest assured that we have done our homework before selecting any of the roofing materials we use so you can avoid some of the reported drawbacks that can occur with subpar installations. Reach out today if you would like to know more about TPO roofing or any of our roofing options and services for your Atlanta, Georgia building.
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