Maintaining the roof of your commercial business is good for your bottom line. Your roof protects your building, but it also protects all the things inside your building. Reroofing is expensive, so if you are looking to better protect your building while reducing out of pocket costs, silicone commercial roof coatings may be the solution to your needs.

Silicone commercial roof coatings are a good option for commercial roofs that are in fairly good condition. They may be older and have some normal wear and tear, but should not need any major repairs. If major repairs are needed, these will need to be addressed before any commercial roof coatings can be effectively applied.

Here are some of the benefits of silicone commercial roof coatings:

Easy to apply: Once the roof is properly prepared, the liquid silicone can be rolled or sprayed onto the entire surface of the roof, sealing cracks, blisters, and seams to improve waterproofing.
Shorter project: Applying a roof coating takes significantly less time than reroofing a building. It does not require that any roofing be removed.
Fewer repairs and a longer life for your roof: Once your coating is cured, it should help reduce the number of repairs you need to make to your roof and help your roof maximize its lifespan.
Energy savings: Silicone commercial roof coatings are bright white and can reduce energy costs by up to 35%. This is because they reflect heat and UV rays away from your building.

If you want to extend the life and performance of your commercial roof, adding a silicone roof coating is a great option for many property owners. Many of these coatings come with their own warranties from the manufacturers as well.

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