If you are looking for a material that can truly last a lifetime, consider slate for your next residential roof replacement needs. Slate has many natural advantages beyond its timeless beauty and classic aesthetics. Slate is one of the greenest roofing materials available, in large part because it can easily last 75 or more years after installation.

Here are some other advantages that may encourage you to choose slate for your roof replacement:

Naturally water resistant: Because it is made of naturally occurring stone and has an extremely high density, slate doesn’t absorb water.
Naturally mold resistant: Not absorbing water means that slate is not likely to end up with mold, mildew, or other fungal growth. This can reduce your repair and maintenance costs because your roof continues to look great year-round.
Naturally fire resistant: Slate is not combustible, helping keep your home safer from fire risks.
Temperature regulating: Because slate resists temperature fluctuations, it helps keep your home more moderate in temperature, saving money on your utility bills and protecting your home during severe weather.

If you need roof replacement, it is a great time to consider choosing slate. It can add a significant amount of value to your home and will be the last roof replacement you ever need to make. It comes in a variety of styles and textures that can complement any architectural style, as well as a variety of colors. It is definitely a material that needs to be installed by a professional, as it is heavy, and your home needs to be structurally prepared for this new roof.

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