Moss thrives in wet environments where it can successfully reproduce and spread. Unfortunately, your roof sees a lot of rain during the year, making it a prime environment for moss. Rather than attempt to remove it yourself, you should always rely on a professional for quality roofing solutions that last.

Dangers of Roof Moss

While small patches of moss aren’t often that dangerous, they can quickly spread to unmanageable amounts. Moss acts like a sponge in that it can absorb and hold water. If you have large amounts of moss on your roof, you’re more likely to see water damage and leaks. The moss will constantly keep your shingles wet, allowing moisture to seep inside your attic and walls.

Moss can also impede the natural draining process that diverts water into the gutters. The longer water sits on your roof, the more likely you’ll see substantial shingle damage.

Relying on Professionals

Cleaning your roof requires ladders, expensive equipment and time. If you’re not accustomed to high heights, you may be putting your safety at risk by trying to remove the moss yourself. It’s better to call your local roofing company for safer and more effective treatments.

Roofers have the skills to efficiently clean your roof and offer ways to minimize moss growth in the future. A professional will also appraise your shingles to ensure they haven’t suffered any permanent damage. Invest in quality roofing service rather than risk further damage to your roof and home.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

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