When a roof is in need of repair, there are some warning signs that present themselves. Keeping an eye out for signs of roof damage can allow owners to take action to make repairs. Ignoring roof problems can make things worse and more costly. So, stay alert to three common signs that a roof requires a roofing repair.

Leaks and Signs of Leaking

The most apparent sign of a troubled roof is leaking. If water comes through the ceiling, there are likely holes in the roof. The water entering the home can cause further damage to the structure, so it’s advisable not to ignore leaks.

Even if the water doesn’t drip through the ceiling, other clear signs may suggest a leak. Yellowed water stains on the ceiling or mold can indicate leaks.

A Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can indicate a partial collapse, which precedes a more catastrophic situation. A sagging or bent roof may develop when the beams and other wooden components holding the roof up suffer from rot. The rot can derive from exposure to water leaks, which might remain hidden underneath roof shingles and behind flashing.

Loose and Missing Shingles

When shingles become loose, this sets the stage for water to enter through perforations, including nail holes. A roof inspection might reveal the presence of loose or missing shingles dislodged by the wind, weather, or other factors. The presence of shingles on the ground is a red flag that the roof has problems that should be addressed quickly.

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