The home’s roof is essential to protecting you and your family from the outside elements. However, it is vulnerable to excess rain, snow, ice or other elements. As a result, it can be weakened by moisture damage or even pests. One of the best ways to diagnose problems and keep your roof in good shape is to have it inspected by a professional regularly.

What a Professional Looks For

A professional such as those from Atlanta Premier Roofing in Atlanta will look for granules in the gutter and for shingles that are curled, missing or growing mold. Furthermore, during an inspection, our professionals will also look for signs of insufficient ventilation in the attic that could cause damage to the roof. Other common signs of damage that our team might spot before you do include rotted wood underneath the shingles as well as stains on interior walls or ceilings. If our team does discover roof damage, we can take steps to either repair it or completely replace it.

Inspect the Roof Annually

One of the easiest ways to catch roof issues early is to have it inspected at least once a year. The earlier a problem is caught, the easier it is to have it fixed. For instance, if a single shingle is missing, it can typically be replaced without issue. However, if multiple shingles are missing for a prolonged period, it might result in water damage that could potentially go all the way from the roof to the foundation. An annual roof inspection may also ensure that you don’t void an existing warranty or service guarantee.

If you are in the market for roof repair or replacement services, don’t hesitate to call Atlanta Premier Roofing today! In addition, we can help with roof restoration or coating services.

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